Anne Elder Poetry Award.
First Prize: Berndt Sellheim. ‘Awake at the Wheel’.

Judges’ Comment.
Berndt Sellheim’s combination of poetry and prose is impressive. It deals with pressing issues, impending ecological crisis, the scathing effects of capitalism, our own mortality. But it is also lyrical and masterful. We especially liked ‘The Experience Machine’, which is epic in scope and hits all the right bases. It encapsulates the modern existential malaise without losing its sense of humour.Technically accomplished, especially the line breaks; this is vital poetry. Sellheim is grounded in the art and craft of poetry, he embraces post modernist poetry and runs with it, producing a thought provoking selection.

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In seizure, I have a long talk about art and books with my friend and colleague jason childs. an australian academic now living in france, jason is a very insightful guy, and we end up having a great chat.

the magazine commissioned Matthew venables to do this utterly wicked portrait