'With the cunning of Iris Murdoch, Sellheim involves us in the intrigues of his characters' lives and the philosophical position inherent in the story's development.'


'a complex and confident fiction debut. . . The book offers an intense and often profound meditation on competing sources of meaning in contemporary life, narrated in language at once lyrical and unaffected.'


"Sellheim is a virtuoso in his use of language: exquisitely poetic and sensual using all the language of the senses: sight, scent, hearing, taste and touch. The book concludes with a beautiful poem.  ‘Life is beginning, life retreating, beyond the frame’s edge’ (415).  Sellheim’s use of language is impressive, and the writing is wrought with deep poetic feeling. This engrossing and gripping novel from a skilful wordsmith leads the reader inexorably on. It is a real page turner. I really enjoyed this brilliantly crafted book: a good story, poetic and full of ideas to philosophise about.'

Carole Castle, M/C Reviews: Culture and the Media

'it's in the considered clarity of his metaphors and descriptions that this novel lifts and shines'


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